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Employment/Training Program

Youth ages 18-24 special hiring program. We can provide all of the following, room & board, or housing, training, mentoring, employment in various jobs, such as: manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering, small engine repair, body shop, welding and fabrication, machining, layout & design, office and clerical, social media & visual, managerial & accounting. 

Apply today using our online application below, copy and paste it and fill out the questions. 


Name ______________________________________     Date_______________________

Address _________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address ____________________________________________________________

Home Phone # ___________________  Mobile Phone # ___________________________

Are you eligible to work in the U.S?  ___Yes   ___No

Are you at least 18 years or older? (If no, you may not qualify for this position) ___Yes  ___No  

Have you ever been terminated from employment or asked to resign by an employer? ___Yes ___No

If yes, please provide company names and details __________________________________

Can you work any shift? ___Yes  ___No  If no, explain: ______________________________

Can you work overtime, including weekends?  ___Yes  ___No

Are you able to perform the essential functions of the job for which you are applying, with or without a reasonable accommodation?  ___Yes  ___No