Renegade 300 ZTR Specifications

Turning Radius: Zero inches with unbelievable maneuverability - The RENEGADE 300 ZTR turns on its own center allowing it to work in restricted areas.

Speed: Approximately 18 MPH forward and 9MPH reverse.

Drawbar Pull: Approximately 1200 lbs. dependent on ground conditions.

Ground Pressure: Unloaded - .65 psi  With Operator - .74 psi  With 2 people and 200 lbs. equipment - .89 psi

Ground Contact: Over 2,500 square inches.

Engine: Generac modified 52 HP, air cooled 4 cycle OHVI V-Twin, 992 cc industrial engine with overhead valves, full pressure lubrication and a 3,000 hour life.

Drive System: Twin Sauer/Danfoss hydrostatic transmission with gear reduction unit and completely enclosed drive system with no sprockets, chains or belts.

Electrical: 100 AMP alternator, 2 Halogen headlights, 2 Halogen reversing lights, 2 tail lights, cigarette lighter, and 12 volt power outlet.

Battery: Standard automotive type - 12 volt.

Suspension: Each set of bogie wheels is individually suspended by rubber torsilastic mounts, steel springs or rubber shear mounts.

Bogie Wheels: Cast aluminum alloy heat treated and machined.

Tracks: Endless cured rubber tracks with steel belt reinforcement and molded double drive lugs.

Seating: 2 front bucket seats and 2 rear jump seats, all with seat belts.

Body: Heavy-duty fiberglass with non-skid polyurethane hybrid finish for maximum durability.

Stock Color: Red.

Dimensions: Length: 106 inches Width: 62 inches Height: 72 inches Weight: 1,640 pounds Track Width: 15 1/2 inches Ground Clearance: 9 inches

Options/Accessories: Snow Plow, Trailer, Electric Winch, Windshield Wiper, Brush Cutter, Salt Spreader and All Weather Enclosure.